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Inventions In Black

Many of the worlds great inventors were Black;
Of dates and times I can not be exact.

At home, in the office or just on the street,
Inventions of Blacks make life complete.
In medicine we have Dr Charles Drew to thank;
For his hard work developing the blood bank

When the flow of city traffic was out of hand
Garrett P. Morgan invented a plan.
He stopped us on red; started us on green
And keep us all safe, put yellow in between.

Fred Douglas' "North Star" gave us headline news;
Jan Matzeliger's machine put soles on our shoes
As we sat in Nat Alexander's folding chair
Madame Walker's hot comb straightened our hair

I could go on and on; there is no ending
A Black genius is born daily; this was merely the beginning

Written by Vicki Hall


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