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Precious Time

What's happened to my friends, too many of them are gone
I thought we'd live forever, what happened; what went wrong

I'll never forget the good old days, all the familiar faces
The love ones gone forever leaving memories in their places

As children we ignored the time, we thought it would always last
Dying happened to other folks, we played as time ticked past

Back then, we thought death was something strictly for the old
That it could have taken one of us, we were never told

My best friend since seventh grade got sick and soon was gone
We thought we'd party forever, boy, did we call that one wrong

I fell for and married the love of my life and heart
Before I knew or realized it, death had done us part.

My dear sister now smiles down from heaven,
Her young life taken by the tragedy of nine- eleven

My close friend with whom I worked every day
Went out and got herself killed on the freeway

My neighbor whose greatest love was her son
Now mourns his innocent life cut short by a handgun.

As for me I live each day fully and value precious time
Tomorrow is not promised and any moment could be mine.

Written by Vicki Hall


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