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Fairy Tale Fables

Always knew fairy tales to always a be fable
Happy ever after was never ever able
The knight with the white horse
Lose his way off course, of course
Like bullets in bodies left to be disposed
And I'm supposed to be Cinderella, I oppose
Just because white girls find black knights
Sistas in the hood got stuck on baby daddy fights
Leaving the BAPS stuck sucking toads
Traveling like homeless hearts down dirty roads
That's when the ink in my dairy got cold
And the game playas play was sold
Like a steambath was time to turn in the towel
The tightrope of the righteous was looking foul
Wishing I learn to forecast the weather
When some said stormy clouds get better, whatever
How many times does it have to rain mentally
To stop the rewind of my undisputed history
Of stories left with no endings, keep dwindling
But I supposed to smile through the tangling

To be continued…….

Written by Jeska Washington


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