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I Miss My First Love

I wanna be there
I hear you callin, trapped in the background
Grinding and Hustling wanting to be expressed
Wanting to have your quality time, what you had before
But you have to fight
Against time, stress, management, and goals
You have to fight against
Ethics, leadership, principles, and plans
And you are getting lost
More so trampled by objectives, pacing charts, professionalism
And when I normally would sit down with a cup of tea and it just be you and me
A laptop takes your place, with PowerPoint presentations
The only time I really get to be with you
I pass you over for essays, exams, and reflections
And I take you for granted
Pulling out the past when someone asks me about you
Telling stories of how we were not how we are
And then I miss you, vow to spend more time
A lie because life gets in the way
Career, white picket fence, bills, status
I'm sorry.....I ignore you
Yet I don't want you to leave me
Just wait, please wait, I promise I'll come back
I just got to get my "to do" list done
Even though it still grows
I can't deal if you go
Don't leave made me

Written by Jeska Washington


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