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No cure

Breathing is unbearable when there is no air
Seeing is hard when there is no light
Talking is impossible when there is no voice
In a world with no people, there is no communication
With no communication there is an excruciating pain of boredom and fear
My life; all of the above
No air,
No light,
No voice,
No people,
An uncomfortable, uneaseable feeling
A sickness
I am sick
I am full of a disease, an infection, a virus
A disease with no cure or mitigation
No medicine will aid my disease
No exaggeration, no conformation
My family, there is none
I am the outsider
There is the gate of hatred and sadness that locks me out
Finding the key; impossible, impractical, unattainable
If I ever find it, I will never use it
I am not ready; not ready for a cure,
Not ready for the air, light, voice, and communication
There is fear in this room,
Confusion in my mind
Hunger for life in my body
From my head to my toes I am sick
Shaking and unsteady
I am full of a disease
A disease with no cure or mitigation
Anger and fury has built up inside of me.
I will burst
Any moment now
Darkness is clouding over my world like ash from a volcano explosion
It just won't clear; won't wash away
The darkness and anger is what caused my disease
Caused me to melt away into an unknown world of mistreatment and bruise
I have been bruised
Bruised on my fragile brown skin
My heart has been bruised
My mind and weak bones have all been bruised.
They have been hit with the belt of life
The long thick leather belt of life
I have been chained down for many years
Chained with life
Chained on the other side of this gate
I have found the key to these chains
I have freed myself of them
Now, I am searching
Searching for the key to this gate so I can be mistreated and bruised no longer

Written by Ashley Woods


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