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Gone forever

When the wind blows, it softens my heart despite the
fact that it has been permanently hardened
When the wind blows, it talks
It tells me its life story
When the wind blows, it hugs my soul and bestows a
warmness upon it
It bestows a feeling of joy and bliss, when the wind blows
When it blows it forces me to look to the future
It reminds me of my past, where my culture has come from
and been through,
As it blows, comfort is exposed
But not yet accepted
When the wind blows, it blows away all my hidden
struggle and pain
As the wind blows, fear is erased
The wind gives me a sense of pride, honesty, and truth
Is it Mother Nature, looking down on me as sad as can be
who sends down the wind?
She says to him, "Go down make her troubles gone for life."
So not only are they gone for life but gone for always,
For good,
For keeps,
Gone forever

Written by Ashley Woods


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