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I am a no name person
A no name person with the body parts of a typical human being
I have been called a Zero,
A nothing,
A fake,
Even an animal
With no name, I have no definition.
Then what defines me?
Am I defined by my color?
If so, should my name be brown?
Am I looked onto by my personality or my smile?
Is it my hips, my figure, and my thighs that define me?
I have everything this world has to offer however…..
I have no name.
With my riches and Authentic Gucci clothing; am I defined?
I feel downsized, entirely diminished; like a nothing
I feel like the smallest number
But then again the smallest number can be the greatest accomplishment
So, am I really an accomplishment?
Or am I just a figment of my own world?
Am I playing myself to be something I'm not?
Listen to me!
When I talk,
No one listens
I have been excluded from the invisible group of confidence and pride.
With no confidence to keep me focused, life will push me and I will fall
With no pride, the whole world is against me and my culture is just a
background fantasy
A reverie,
Or maybe my mind's creativity

Written by Ashley Woods


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