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Childhood vs. Adulthood

Precious is the time,
When the gift
Of childhood is granted.
Where magic is real
And wishes are possible.
It is a world where
Miracles appear
In their simplest forms.
The sound of laughter
Is the music that wills
The soul to dance.

Adulthood is Nature's mistake.
There is no magic,
Only tricks;
And desperate wishes
To relive the past.
Miracles become a test,
And the sound of laughter
Is hushed.

The imagination is a child’s
Priceless asset.
It soars beyond
All boundaries of truth;
It creates edible colors,
And mystical beings.
There are worlds
Where wars are fought
In a day,
Never having any casualties.

An adult's imagination,
Is tamed by reality.
It becomes a
Forgotten ability.
It grows old
Like its human shell.
It covets dull worlds.
With bland color
Of black and white;
And dark shades of gray.
Where wars
Are fought for profit,
Leaving lengthy lists
Of loses.

Childhood is a privilege.
Where Mitch-matched socks
Are in-style.
Candy is a
Full-course meal.
A bicycle is transportation,
Which needs no insurance.
Rarely do collisions
End with fatalities.
Surgery are solved
With Band-Aids.

Adulthood is a burden.
With fair-weather
Fads of fashion.
Store shelves are stacked
With substitutes, like soy.
Countless of
Crowed cities,
Congested with cars;
Making metallic mayhem.
Everyone needs insurance.
A longer list of losses;
And surgery is cosmetic.

A child's vocabulary,
Is a dictionary
Of silly words.
A universal language
Of unacquainted friends.
A decent dialogue,
Discussed daintily
Amid pals.
A child uses words like
"Dang," "Dang it," and "Gosh darn it."

An adult,
Has terrible terminology;
Gratuitous gossip.
Carefully coded chatter,
Whispered amongst villains.
An adult says words like
"Damn, "Damn it," and "God-damn it."

When a birthday is near,
A child just can't wait.
Getting older
Is an improvement.
The Boogey man
That lurks in the dark,
Is easily exterminated
By the flick
Of a light switch.

When an adult
Comes of age,
Birthdays are a burden.
Time is a curse.
The Boogey man,
Has evolved
Into monsters,
That loiter casually
In the open;
Seeking innocence.
They welcome the light,
It's deceiving.

A child has the privilege
Of not knowing.
Attacking the world
With blind trust;
Only to be
Mislead into maturity.

An adult
Navigates the world
With caution.
Aware of the dangers;
Worried about what's to come.
Only to regret
Their neglected youth.

Written by Willie Wright‏


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