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I Miss You

I relive
The cherished moments,
Of awakening in your presence.
As the sun began
His reverted tasks,
A reflection of luster
Complimented your skin.
My soul arose,
My body numb
With secure emotions.
The redolence
That protruded from
Your heavenly hibernation
Was familiar and seductive.
My inter being
Weeps with levity.

It is unfortunate,
That we must
Wash away
The film of love,
With routine hygiene.
But the thought
Of our
Reoccurring ritual,
Consoles me

As you bathe
I documented
And Memorized,
Your exact movements.
Carpets you
Delicate Frame
Your glistening body
Encourages me to participate,
I reluctantly restrain myself.
For this dance,
Shall benefit me more
If remained uninterrupted.

Lather spites me,
As it begins
To mask my
It's overbearing fragrance
Is fugitive.
I will reclaim
This territory,
And savoir every
Available opportunity.

You were wonderful

A breakfast banquet
Would always ensue.
You would satisfy
My hunger,
As well
As my soul.
Your eyes
Eliminated despair,
As concentrated
On the clever conversation
You contributed.

How I miss
Your cooking,
Your friendship,
And your lovely touch

I became comfortable.
I began to ignore you
With depreciation.
I lost you,
And you
Resisted me,
I hated you,
And you
Loved me.
I hurt you,
And you
Healed me.

If ever
I should
Be blessed
With another of
God's gifts,
I am prepared
I owe it all to you.

So stretch your
Elegant wings,
My dear.
Let mother wind
Carry you in her
Conquering current.
You are
My Father's Angel,
So you must
Let happiness invade
Your heart.

Live life
With laughter,
Embrace elated energy
And explode with expression.

It’s tragic that
I will miss you
At your best.

Written by Willie Wright‏


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