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The beautiful angels of darkness
They patrol the corridors of power
Dressed in micro mini skirt of ideas
Selling their naked manifestos to the nation
Fabricated with lies and endless promises
To make living in hard times

They romance the nation
And seduce the people
They poach for a living
They are cunning like mice
They smile through broken hearts
And sin with a Bible in hand

They give condoms to protect their philosophy
And sleep around to spread the gospel
They attracts more voters with latest make ups
And walk half-naked to buy your confidence
They spread poverty diseases
And claim it is incurable
They loot from government coffers
And claim it is just a storm in teacup
They perpetrate nepotism
And call it affirmative action

The prostitutes, the beautiful angels of darkness
They milk the nation like poor cows
To feed their beloved ones
The prostitutes, the shinning stars in the darkest street corners
Soldiers in the army base of corruption
Warriors in the march to the dungeons of hell

They betray the brothers and sisters
And sell them like jumble sales
At the expense of their arbitrary egos
They raped the nation
And molest the people
They sing and dance like God's angels
But are lions in a sheep skin

My beautiful one be warned
The road to hell is paved with golden beauties
You can run but cannot hide from social justice
One day your red lips will be broken
Your sweet golden tongue will not save you
From contaminating the HIV virus of truth
When the judgement day comes

Written by Mzilikazi wa Afrika


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