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( Dedicated to Nelson Mandela )

Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela
From a royal clan to the royal house
From prison to parliament
From prisoner to state president
From state president to African ambassador
Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela
Uyiqhawe lamaqhawe ? awusuye umagwazayifile
And I dedicate this poem

Like a good shepherd
You led the nation to freedom
Like the beauty of nature
You survived the test of time
You walked where cowards fear to trend
You drove over the traitors' speed trap
And become a symbol of resilience

You are the survivor
You survived apartheid dirty tricks
You survived well polished conspiracy
You survived human torture
Yes, only the strongest survive
Madiba? you are amazing

For God love South Africa
And gave us Nelson Mandela
That who ever believe in his struggle
Shall never be discriminated and exploited
But have everlasting Freedom
Mandela? you cannot be forgotten
If ever there is a Jesus Christ to Christians
Then you are like a Jesus Christ to millions in South Africa

For 27 years you were a slave
Caged in bondage like a dangerous animal
And forced to hard labour
When the prison doors were wide open
You marched like a soldier of peace
From prison to state president
From state president to a bachelor
From a bachelor to a retired married pensioner
Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela
Your name will remain painted in the history books
Yes, your name will remain printed in the history book

Written by Mzilikazi wa Afrika


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