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unfulfilled keys

There's a hole in my heart
When we are separated
I just want to touch you
Run my fingers up and down you
Feel you
But there's a hole in my heart now
Always so hectic
I feel as I've neglected you
But neglecting you is neglecting myself
And I miss you Miss how together we played beautiful music
Of passion and soul
Of classic and heart
But now there's just a hole.

When I see one like you
It gives me joy
But just momentarily
For I can only pass and imagine that you were mine
Just a brief moment of imagination
And then I'm gone
I can't stay long
And so I feel all alone
And stupid
For maybe I have not tried hard enough.

Maybe in that dark moment
When all was so late and tired
I should have gotten up and come to you
I should've not made those excuses
And now
You're only to be found in fleeting moments
That don't really amount to much
And the hole in my heart gets wider and deeper
Threatening to explode
And outside I get more frustrated
And my fingers curl to a fist
Just looking for something to touch.

I miss you
I miss running my hands up and down
Your spine
I miss tickling you
And making you mine
I miss all of the time
We used to spend
With no interruption
And no need to end.

And now I'm yearning
With one hand on my heart
Shielding the hole
From the bitter wind
That will rip me apart
If I don't find your warmth soon . . .

I'm coming
I know you'll wait
Just don't leave me.

Written by Alicia Keys


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