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no room for religion

No room for religion
No room for morals
Creating false celebrities
To be the spokesperson for their beliefs and products
Don't anyone else see it?
Sadness festers
Intuition nonexistent
Democracy is just a trick for capitalism to win
Get everyone involved
Not to acquire peace
But to get a piece
A piece of everything
Of every country and every government
Casualties only a sacrifice for the greater cause
Of greater power
Making everyone believe all they see
Is all they want
Is all there is
All they want
Is all they see
The average American

Everyone just lusting
After money and power
After sex
After shocking moments
Proud to be a ho
Fame is all there is
To keep us closed
A plan
Only to control
And we fall for it
And for what?
Meanwhile the boys are out there
Consolidating the world
While we're here in oblivion
Working hard to party the money away
To get drunk to forget
What we don't even know
Cause we don't even want to know
There's no room for religion
Only moldable minds

Uninterested in looking beyond
These four walls of a country
Boxing us in
Losing everything
In spite of ourselves
Including ourselves
Souls have a sickness
Called control
But we don't own anything
We only beg and borrow
From the bank
that division of the government
Set up to make more off of our
Simpleminded, uneducated, no-one-told-us-cause-
no-one-ever-knew-themselves ignorance
We get ahead to fall behind
Time and time again
Blindfolded by the American dream
The average American

Meanwhile the boys are out
Following the man
They only just met
But will never trust
To provide justice
That makes no sense
There's no room for religion out there
Slowly eating away at the core
With nothing to believe in

And back at home
We are the same average Americans
With nothing to believe in
But the picture-perfect painting on grandma's wall
That will never be
Cause there's no room for religion in democracy

Written by Alicia Keys


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