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gold of johannesburg

I am changed
I know I am changed
Not for the worse
But changed indeed.

I am freed
I know I am freed
Not from the shackles
But from the lies

And since that is true
I know it is true
There is no prison
Except in my mind.

And songs of freedom
Are all that I own
Songs of freedom
Are all I'll ever have
And so I dream . . .

I am wiser
I know I am wiser
Not for the arrogance
But wiser indeed.

I have faith
I know I have faith
Or else evil ways
Would easily plant the seed,

But because my heart
Refuses to give up on love
And give in to fears
My strength holds strong
Through the bitterest tears

And so I am free
I know I am free
Maybe not of these shackles
But of these lies
And that's why
No matter how
Temptation tries
There is no prison
Except in my mind

And songs of freedom
Are all that I own
Songs of freedom
That can never be sold
And that is where I find
The gold of Johannesburg
The diamonds of Cape Town
The precious woods of the Amazon

And what I have found
Is all that has been taken from me
I have found
That I have been changed
I have been freed
But have not been tamed
And all I have
All I'll ever have
Is my worth and my freedom
They're not for sale
They have no price
For them I would give my life
It's all I'll ever own
And all I'll ever be
And so I stand.

Written by Alicia Keys


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