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beckoning green

Beckoning green
come to me you whisper
roll in me, play in me
be free
you whisper
beckoning green of endless color
sage and forest the light reflects
come to me you whisper
Your flow is a dance in the wind
your voice is the spirit within
your smell is of the oldest fragrance
beckoning green
nothing matters when you're inside of me
you say
I am of your oldest dreams
your faintest memory
that place of lives long past
I will last
come to me you whisper
Play in my stems of long wheat
feel the ground and sand beneath your feet
take off your shoes and frolic in me
Beckoning green
beckoning me
get lost inside your dreams and visions
waving like the bluest ocean water would
but green
Oh, Madrid!
What a sight you are.

Written by Alicia Keys


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