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still water

Still Water won't never come clean
No place to run from himself.
From afar Still Water looks magical,
Peaceful, strong, dark and deep.
It's not till you come close
That you see his murky waters
How shallow he really is
The deep darkness isn't only what's clouding his clearness.
Still Water won't never come clean
He's dirty and mean
Polluted by his environment
Ain't never been treated good.
Even the cute ducks shit in his waters
Leaving feathers and debris
There's no way he'll ever run free.
Stuck in a hole

Made by man to keep him contained, constrained,
Trapped, disgustingly disgusted and disguised
Getting dirtier by the minute.
Still Water won't never come clean
Cause now he's too conditioned to move
And even if the drain opened
and all the dark dirty waters could freely run
Into the strong-moving ever-changing ocean
He wouldn't go
Cause Still Water won't never come clean
Cause Still Water's whole soul is polluted.

Even the beautiful bird that sees him from afar
And wants to experience what she sees as beauty
Can't survive
He only drowns her in mud and self-pity
It's a never-winning game of love.
Every wonder why dirty ducks flock to a dingy pond?
They are all he deserves
They are the mirror of Still Water's heart.

Written by Alicia Keys


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