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I am what I should not be, a dead man
I am what I will not be, a dead man
Dead bury the dead
But will the dead rise
The dead that's alive soul cry, will mine cry
Dead though alive I've fallen
Awake though I'm sleep I've fallen
I'm I here?
Pinching proves my presence
Skin pinched and stretching
But still this is the question for real
Can I hear?
My senses hold defenses of fences with barb wire and trenches
Occupied by grinches, with inventions of bad intentions
Eyes blinded by sight
Those with sight don't see
Ears cluttered and filled up with debris
Can I hear?
Somewhere seeds were planted
Somewhere access was granted
Participation in my annihilation, suicide
Dead, will I rise I'm hoping
Gasping for life I'm choking
I wanna live
Hoping for resurrection, rebirth and reconnection, new life and new conception
The deal, I wanna live
Soul heavy and weighted, by death that I created
The watchers must of invaded, but still
I wanna live
Grave dug and ready, but I am not ready
Stand on a thin rope inches from hell, trying hold steady
Left the body to reconnect with the flesh
Footprints of shame
The dust pulleth, begging for more, calling my name
Flew as a spirit, a little lower than the heavenly host
Now I'm grounded flights landed and I stand as a ghost
Yet in the words of the great poet, still I'll rise again
Like the phoenix from the ashes I'll return to the wind
With all strength, with all might, with all power within
Dead man will rise soul and life together again
I wanna live

Written by Anthony Allen


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