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The pain of a man
Is built when he can't understand
Why frustration and anger rages in every place that he stands
When no place is peace
And every option starts to decrease
And the end of every hour brings another hour of grief
When attempts are failed, and the anger in him puffs and swells
Until the inner man claws at himself and yells
When he stands alone
And sees that no place is home
And silence speaks truth through reality in a serious tone
When his souls on fire
Burning with the flame of desire
That rips through his pores
Burning flesh into invisible sores
When he sees he's a whore
Ravished and raped by the life he endures
Victimized by reality as he proceeds on his course
When every life puzzle
Presents another definite struggle
Between body and soul
The internal war taken a toll
When the man in the mirror
Looks back with the eyes of a killer
With hate in his eyes
And a desperate desire to cry
Cause he knows his place
The puzzle piece that never fits any space
The misfit for his existence with unspoken hate

Written by Anthony Allen


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