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Words of Prophets

How can the blind man stand in comfort with no worries at all?
He that thinks he stand beware, and brace for the fall
He that thinks he knows really knows nothing at all
Cause if he knew he wouldn't chose to live spiritually lost
If you knew the name of the horse of the time that approaches
And how rapidly it gallops to keep Christians with closed lips
Than you would understand this writing and its topic of focus
But for those of you who don't that's the reason I wrote this
The end of days approaches, at its appropriate speed
Bringing the beast of deception and delusion that will violently feed
Taken advantage of the lost that never bothered to read
The bible holds the mystery; it's up to you to believe
Every true Christian will soon disappear
From every race
Without a trace
Like they never was here,
Every true Christian will soon disappear
From every race
Without a trace
Will vanish up in the air,
Let there be no mix up or confusion
Cause God promised in the last days would come a strong delusion,
All eyes wide as the false prophet arises
The deception of peace
An end to the wars in the east
Counterfeit messiah, speaking great words of the liar
Different way to acquire
A different way to purchase for buyers
The mark of the beast
Execution of the saints in the streets
Hells angels arise
The moon turns to blood in the sky
Men unable to die
For a moment, although many will try
Then comes the end
When dead men will die once again
In nuclear blast
Biological weapons in mass
The final war, Armageddon the terror the horror,
Blood shed, rivers of red, imagine the gore of,
International war
So turbulent it rocks earth at its core
The word by the prophets
Spoken before the thought of me was concocted,
Scribed and penned
Left for the world to take in
The Truth, you'll see when it all comes to an end

Written by Anthony Allen


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