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"A JuJu Of My Own"

I come for you every moonrise
with passions simmering in my
pot of clay ~

you sleep the sleep of the great
gods and I do not wake you

I come for the fine black and silver
hair of your mochan temples,
I come for the essence of your breath
from your strong, wide nostrils
I come for a clip of your nail from
your long finger...
I come for the sweet sweat of
smooth flesh beneath your loin cloth...

I come for the moisture of stolen kisses
while you sleep

I chant my love for the life in you,
the king you be...

I speak in tongues of Wolof griots
and whisper cries into the darkness

and fashion, from the soul of you,
a juju of my own

Written by Alyce (aka) BlkPoette


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