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The Undercover Brotha

"I thought he was the one"
As most think when they meet a perspective lover
"He's my man this," and "my man that"
Never thinking that "man" is just a boy undercover.
He'll tell you what you want to hear
And do all the things he should
All to keep your mind safe
And your pussy next to his wood.
You'll open your heart ever so slightly
To wet his pallet with love
Then ask him not to do A, B. & C
He chooses D and does all of the above.
So now you are angry and maybe a little bit bitter
Because this man has taken your love from place to place
Then you search for a prescription on remedy
To cure you from his love, and make it vanish
with out a trace.
You never realize your man was such an act
Until he come to you with that came old song and dance
"Baby I'm sorry," and "baby i miss you"
And "Please give me one more chance."
So you choose to forgive and not forget
Because that chance has come and gone
Now you've realized how you loves, cherished, and appreciated a man
Whose boyish ways did you wrong.
Now you Think of the ways
You loved and how he never loved back
Because your man is an undercover brotha
And there is nothing else to say about that!

Written by Jessica Ammons


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