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I Apologize

I owe you an apology
For all the things that have been said and done
Because i have let men, stress, and other toxins
Break you down and take you for a run.
I never stopped to realize
The effect of my everyday choice
Or even how i was hurting you
Ignoring that inner voice.
I've allowed many men into you
trespassing with out your concent
Because they have come and gone
With no love for you,
Or even some emotion to rent.
Life has taken you up and down
And made you swin against the tide
While I made these decisions for you
With my eyes shut, open wide.
So no one will love you more than me
And for so long it's been my mind against my body
I have allowed me to disrespect myself
So here is my hearts apology....
"I'm Sorry"

Written by Jessica Ammons


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