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status has got me
in a state of confusion
an internal battle
between my mind and heart with no conclusion.
Never were we
supposed to last this long
and with my heart tricking my mind
allowing me to fall for you illusion.
I didnt fall until you did first
making our situation need re-evaluation.
I have unwillingly shared the better part of you
you know? The part used for our consummation.
Maybe for you, as once I
thought this extra curricular activity was only recreation.
But when recreation turns to infatuation
one comes to the realization
that "us" was just my imagination.
You have now become
a consistent focal point in my thought process
slipping my mind to the last time
you had all access.
I am no longer able
to remove emotion
from our sexual commotion.
I have yet to address this with you
for fear that i alone have this notion.
with no refuge for my heart
and no sanity for my mind
I fear this poem will tear us apart.
My words are low
and theres nothing else to say
But maybe you'll figure it out
.....well maybe one day...

Written by Jessica Ammons


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