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Every time I see you
My heart burts with joy
Compelling my mind with undescribeable
Feeling and emotion.
I know you are a blessing
So i will be patient
So to you, one day, I can pledge my devotion.
Every time we encounter each other
I fall inlove as though it were the first time
As though i have rediscovered you
In some other world sublime.
God couldn't have created a more perfect man
Even if i were to tell him what and who you'd be.
Even if it's not ordained
In this time and space for us
I am blessed,
Because God has blessed my life bringing you to me.
My feelings for you
Are so unexplicable
That "I love you"
Is just a start,
But how could any woman
Not love a man with a God fearing, honest heart?
So my dear, I love you.
Three words that know no shame
and have no bound,
But through all the emotion and feeling in my heart
These are the only words my soul has found.
I love you!
I love you!
I love you!

Written by Jessica Ammons


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