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Damn You!

Damn you played the shit out of me
Actin like you really cared
Got me thinkin you and i could possibly be.
I hate playin the fool
But the fool you had me play
Shit nigga you acted like
I was a cheap thrill or some easy lay.
Damn you had me thinkin' you was somethin' great.
I casted you in the roll of a true man,
But your bitch ass ain't nothin' but a fake.
Men like you are carbon-monoxide of the flesh,
You swoop in quietly unannounced to those around
Making heartbreak feel like a living death.
Damn you got me feelin hurt.
I allowed you into a place
That i damn-near guard with my life,
But your Rico Suave evil ass played me
Comin' in and sneakin' out like a thief in the night.
Damn you acted like what you sow you won't reap.
I know first hand
The in's and out's of karma
And like love its rivers run deep.
So when you go back
And reflect the last few months of your life
Then realize the damage you have done,
In the game you might have the lead
But the battle i would have won.
Damn you got a bitch waiting to exhale
Cause its niggaz' like you
That make it hard for the good ones to come through,
But the reality of the situation is
I'd rather hate that to love
And deal with no good niggaz' like you....DAMN YOU!

Written by Jessica Ammons


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