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Our Sexual Dance

It's hot, we're close
Touching, grinding,
Sweating rhythmically as one.
My body one yours, you pushing back
Our dancing has just begun.
Fast songs, slow songs and songs in-between
I danced all night with this man of mystery.
As the tempo changed with each song
Our bodies moved with every beat
Faster, slower, harder, softer
Feeling your intensity through my feet.
I felt your oblong extension stretch my walls
Making me squirm with delight
Lifting my legs, spreading them apart
Keeping my flower in plain sight.
As our dance took a turn, you took the lead
And on my back is now where i lay
Just as my love land got juicy with Pretty Ricky
Between my legs is where you decided to play.
As R.Kelly tried to keep it on the low
You pushed your face into me "Nice & Slow"
I felt you sing each word on my walls
And climaxed just as Alicia began to fall.
Controlling my orgasm like a boss
Flipping me with such ease
My salad you began to toss.
After eating everything between my hips
I flipped my body so your head
Lay gently upon my lips,
Sliding them up and down your thick long toy
Satisfying my craving for an almond joy.
Finishing your coconut filling, 12 play
Graced our ears to the tune of bump and grind
Swallowing softly i stood over the bed
To let you hit it from behind
With each aggressive thrust
You showed me your position of power
Taking my body to the next level
You began fingering the hood of my flower.
As the CD played it's very last song
You thrusted in me, and I through it back strong
Then you placed your hands upon my cheeks
Spreading them causing me to leak,
Down my thigh and into the sheets.
Now our dance is done
And it's time to sleep.

Written by Jessica Ammons


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