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They say absence makes the heart grow fonder
But in your absence
My mind and body began to wander.
Another man has been doing what you should
Kissing me and stroking me,
Making his own fit in my woman hood.
If you don't want to be here
Then leave, it's OK, I promise
Because time heals all wounds
And you will only be a memory that I reminisce.
I have begged you for your time
And pleaded with you for all call
But it has been days upon end
And i hear nothing from you at all.
Why is it i have to threaten to leave
To get some emotional reciprocation?
I guess it's some sort of emotional gratification,
Knowing that i'm in your back pocket
Is your ego's syndicaton.
Impersonal conversation, textual relation
Nothing deep or profound
For the sake of realization of the situation.
Are my words too much,
Or possible too real?
Good! I hope it feels like salt on an open wound
Cause thats the reality of how I feel.
My oral vernacular didn't penatrate the two hollow points
On your head,
So i hope your mind can comprehend
All that i am saying once this has been read.

Written by Jessica Ammons


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