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At a Moments Notice

At a moments notice
I would pull the stars from the sky for you
gathering them all in a bag
For my love to shine through

At a moments notice
i would call out from work
and pretend i was sick
just to let you know i love the way
you scratched that itch. (lol)

At a moments notice
if you said you wanted to get down
i would pull my weave out, bend over and
drop my thong to the ground. (lol)

To keep you happy, warm, and always safe.
letting you know every day that your love can
never be replaced.

Your wish is my command.
and if you call for me to kneel.
then i'll fall on my knees where i stand.

I'm a good girl but i'll take the trip down south
stroking your manhood with every inch of my mouth

If it calls for a body massage,
then i'm the girl for the job
doing whatever you want
cause its your heart i plan to rob

At a moments notice
i would die if you asked me to
if i have to leave this world early
then that's what i'll do

At a moments notice

Written By Antoinette Howard


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