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"Family reunion Cutie"

(for the twins Leroy and Yorel)

I mean, I was like "awe" as I saw your bright smile at a glance.
Hoping that you were single so I could have a chance.
At that family reunion Cutie.
He had lips like pillows, eyes like diamonds, and a tight bootie.
Oh don't get me wrong.
This was my stepfather's family reunion and I was a visitor among strangers.
See, I'm a Howard and they were the Jeffers, the Evan's, the Simmons, and the Grangers.
Plus he was my stepfathers, brothers wife's, brothers, nephew in law.
See no relation.
He was the kinda brotha that would make your chest hurt like you had heart constipation.
As I made my way through the crowd, I heard a voice yell, "Hey young miss!"
All loud!
So, I strolled on over while still taking a glance trying not to trip.
You know I had my plate in my hand and drink in the other taking small sips.
To my surprise, he called him over. And I was a glow from head to toe.
Lord, knows it showed.
But, I didn't care I was just happy he was there.
Came to find out, we were the same age and even from the same state.
As I heard that, more points came up that he could be a potential mate.
As soon as I was about to get all the info.
My father called and said it was time to go.
As those words echoed in my head, out went the glow.
Damn!!! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
I realized I had to say good-bye to everyone.
Especially, that family reunion Cutie.
I said my good-byes and dreaded to leave.
As we slowly pulled away in the car.
I left my heart with the family reunion Cutie on my sleeve.

Written by Antoinette Howard


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