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Where are you my Dream.

Where are you my dream.
The hope and vision of love fades slowly.
Tears sting the soul which once was so vibrant.
Eyes misty and clouded can hardly see faith and patience.
Time grows weary in a warmth ravaged dark cave.
Holding on with fire burning bright.
Where are you my dream...
Through many of battle survival has prevailed.
Forged with thick armour and shield,
the strength to carry on seems heavy.
Bravery shrinks day by day but surrender is no option.
Life in a universe that knows no freedom.
Alone...even the one word has two syllables.
Where are you my dream...
Hasten thy pace for tragedy draws near to rob, steal, and kill.
One spirit one war,
standing for the belief in a dream whose path will lead to life eternal.
Where are you my dream...
Your soldier weary, but still standing, awaits your arrival.

Written by Alicia D. Anderson


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