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A letter to love

I tried to write a poem for you,
something that explains my heart.
A sonnet that gives life to your essence.
I can not my love.
Trivial words hold no candle to your glow.

You are blessed with endless blessings.
Silver kisses and golden caresses
that make ones soul cry out for you.
I already knew. I already knew.

I could not run now even if I tried.
I lay down and you invade my mind,
relentlessly delivering promises of passion
love and lust amongst the cold.

I suffer when awake for my body aches.
I want more as I remember loosing control.
Damn the consequences all to hell.....
for you...for you..

Close your eyes and listen,
my heart sings in sweet adoration.
A willing captive in a cageless prison
I submit my all graciously...
My joy, my light...
my love.

Written by Alicia D. Anderson


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