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The wrong life

The Invitation is open
pay the damaged woman
add to her humiliation
douple up that misery
torture her life and spirit
ruin her name.
Use her as your personal nut bucket
what do you care
SHE could never be someones child
once a precious treasure
no mother to anyone
no wife to any man.
Her world she lives in is perpetual hell
dreams ran cold a long time ago
and so she stands,
waiting for the next john
never know who will be the one
the one to kill and nut in her ass
throw her away with the other trash.
No face, no name, no place to go
chewed up and spit on by life
nothing left but a shell
no one lives here
pain is her friend
but a friend is her enemy.
Void of emotion but not by choice..
another day another night
how long can she keep going
who knows... who knows, and the ho keeps strolling.

Written by Alicia D. Anderson


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