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Hershey coated Man....

Hershey coated man.
I am mystified by your brilliant intellect.
and tomorrow
will never fade these affections I have inside.

Those words you speak quiver this carnal frame.

Espresso king you are my caffeine.

My envisioned version of you hastens to me
as I slumber.
Again I arise to find a vision dematerialized,
just a trick of the mind. My subconscious working overtime.

Hershey coated man
My admiration for you is bouncing on the border of idolization.
Bathing in smooth infatuation.
Yielding to the imagination.

Together in a temporary psychological state
of exaltation. That is where I wanna be.

With you...

I surrender my mind and give unto you my body. For my heart does trust this

Hershey coated man.

Thoughts, hallucination, contemplation
Reflection and reasoning all fall
at your feet as I do.

Black king of your emotion,
do you truly want my devotion.
I will surrender if you ask.

Hershey coated man.......

Written by Alicia D. Anderson


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