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A crisp fall breeze

When summer has passed and the air smells
of a crisp fall breeze,I think of all the
night we shared and my soul is put at ease.
Remember when we were the best of friends
and no one could separate us.
Remember when
you needed a friend the one whom you always
Wasn't that me you called upon
whenever you needed a soft shoulder.
that you who cried all night and I held you
as a lover.
I see you now maybe around town
we hardly glance at each other.
Upon my face
shows the signs of disgrace knowing your
heart chose another.
In love struck haste
I made a mistake and gave into weaken knees.
Now friendship is over you hold me no longer
in the highest regard and esteem.
So in my
heart I will remember and keep my mind at
ease, the night I was embraced with your love
and the smells of a crisp fall breeze.

Written by Alicia D. Anderson


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