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Black Superman

Levitating over the world
He is my fallen star
Kissing me on my forehead
Reminding me that I'm misread
Saving me from being misled
By my own fears
Levitating over the imperfect world
Watching everyone else get lost in cyberspace
He is my safe place
My black Superman
Saving me from this hell I must face
He flies high
As the antichrist messiah
Because he is the only one who sees how people
Can set your soul on fire
And because he is the only one who can see
He tries his best to teach a pupil
To be a pupil
And be set free
But when you try to be a black superhero
The outcome
Is Malcom
X marks the spot
And he's shot
Like a burnt down Gotham
So when he is in his lowest lane
I turn into his Lois Lane
Because he tried to change things
And you know what the world sings?
You're trying to be a dead nigga
Be careful when you're Superman
The world will put you in a crypt tonight
So I turn into his partner
Wearing a mask
To amass
Enough energy
To be his synergy
Because this world needs him and me
The him in me
The strength to see
That society needs to be free
From the social constraints
That burden
So I breathe life into him
So that his sacrifice
Won't be cast aside like Christ
He needs to rise on the third day
Not once
But twice
Until he can fly high
And levitate in the sky
To be what the world needs
To be my fallen star
Kiss me on my forehead
Remind me that I don't have to be misled
And continue to soar
To be the Malcolm
Without the martyr
Because martyrs are dead
Wear his cape of red
Because to merely walk
Being blindly led...
That ain't living

{Dedicated to the Kelby's of life. The black men just trying to survive}

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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