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Here's to Our Forever

It seems like we've lived a life of "one more"

One more prolonging kiss

Where time suspends indefinitely and we are drifting somewhere between fantasy, dream and reality

One more moment of laying with you

Pulling me closer into bliss

With me thinking that nothing could ever top this

One more "good morning" text

One more conversation about our life and what's next

One more night of getting lost in each other's

Mind, body and soul

One more moment of being by your side and being whole

One more moment to taste you

One more second to feel your touch

One past moment held my thoughts captive in a trance...

Wondering if all of those one mores would add up to an indefinite permanence

And I would never be forced to let you go

The one more came

Time moved on

Just to show

How one more moment

Can initiate one more chance

To make a lifetime of love so

Here's to our forever

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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