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I found my soulmate...

At the wrong time...

And yet, I've seemed to have loved him in numberless forms

Throughout my life line

Life after life

Age after age


You and I have floated down the streams

From which dreams

Were created

My sweet melody

My worst pain

My emotional twin

My everything...

We have played alongside millions of lovers

Shared in the same shy sweetness of meeting

The distressful tears of farewell

Old love in forms that renew and renew forever

And though our strings form ties apart from each other

There will never be a heartbeat that can match ours better than we can to each other

My evil genius

My amazing lover

When I feel, you feel

When I'm hurt, you're hurt

And neither of us can deny the bond within one another

Like a kaleidoscope of moments

Pulling us in to each other

And I recognized you instantly

Pulling me so far in...

I couldn't stop...

What is the difference between the love of your life and your soul mate???

One is a choice...

The other is not...

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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