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Can I write you,
I mean write to the lyrics of yo song.
And although the words have already been written (ten).
I just wanna ghost write behind the [yo]…words.
So everything that seemed to be transparent was clandestine when I started
substituting words that in a sense were different to your memories-------bank.
And I,
Didn't, don't need black ink to spill across the paper to hide to meaning.
And all I'm saying is…
Song of yo lyrics,
To the write mean
You write, I can.
Can I write you, I mean write to the lyrics of your song.
And all I'll say [slay] it down backwards.
And repeat.
So that you won't think that nothing I write to you would be sent in a subliminal…
And I can turn the equalizer down.
Cause I…
Just wanna write to yo song.
And I don't care cause most people wouldn't even like this (our) song.
Cause your song, this song doesn't have no rhythm to back up the beat
Or the beat to bring forth the lyrics
Nothing was wrote.
And they, wouldn't understand.
Cause this song…plays to the tempo and rushes [slowly] to the blood beat of your mind.
And they rejected our music cause they wouldn't understand that.
But when I first heard it,
I knew in fact that you were powerful in your-----silence.
And that right there I think is the best song ever.
Cause you didn't need no words,
No beat
No noise
To let everybody know that you were here.
And yo record was playing.
But the best kind of music you give me is when you allow noise to silence.
And silence-----to become noise without the…volume.
And I just want to write to it.
Cause although you looking at the words,
Your sight would go blind, cause blind would not be able to sight out what your eyes just read.
And your sight wouldn't be able to process, cause your eye didn't understand it's prudence.
And I just wanna write to it.
And I consider this, it , your…
To be my mistress, cause there is nothing else that I would rather do.
And I just wanna write to your song.
And even if you never allow me to scribble on your notepad,
Know that I crossed out nothing.
I just wanted to compose your music without----------------
The volume.

Written by Anice Enkrein


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