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"He Didn't Even Know That I Existed"

He didn't even know that I existed. But I knew that he was gifted. And every time that he
walked passed he didn't know it but my spirits got lifted. You see I was drawn to him seeing
nothing but his inter luminous radiation wanting to make love to his mind on a spiritual
pathological affiliation.
But he didn't even know that I existed
Wanting him to go deeper and turn me inside out just so that he could catch the penetration
of what I was feeling. I wanted to kiss him. But in the dark areas of where the evidence of
my love could not be seen I wanted to give him all of my love and act as if a fragment and
show him the things that could not be seen. Like the quiet storm when rain falls gently on
my pane, that's how I wanted him to be on me. Like a pen, when it covers a white sheet of
paper with its black cathartic release…just from that one thought alone. Like the imagery
used to design a buildings basic diagnosis. I was tryna be the imagery used to be the final
thought of his one and only. If only he could hold me and mold me like a sculpture and
shape me bare a free. With nothing else to offer but all the makings of me. Promising him
not to waste his time but just wanting to be blessed by the essence and presence of his company.
He didn't even know that I existed.
If only he could hold me for a minute the way that history held onto Nefertiti's capturing
beauty. Or Picasso holding onto that paint brush and softly sweeping the bristles of that
brush along the canvas; was just the way that he had swept me off my feet.
But…he didn't even know of my existence.
He didn't even notice that I loved him. I love you and you hadn't even known me yet. But
I'll say it again just to let you know that I mean it. I want your time and I don't want your
sex in order for you to believe it. Or for me to receive it. And baby….when it comes to me
and you and the time is right, I won't give you my sex. I wanna make love to all the mental
makings of yo body. I'm here to stimulate your mind and promise you to not treat like all
the other girls before me. I just wanna love you and love you in slow motion. Promising to
adore you, cherish you, and give you nothing else but pure devotion. I'll treat you like a
king. And nothing else would make me more happy than just to know that you are pleased.
Just as long as you don't treat me like you got me on a lease. But everything you want…I'll
be. And I know your girl might hate, but that's ok. I'll give her a physical and mental
demonstration of how you and her were supposed to be…
But then I snapped back into reality.
I'm standing here spittin and you still didn't notice me.

Written by Anice Enkrein


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