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If I never get that chance to hold you…again, grant me the opportunity of knowing
that it was a privilege to ponder on, thought.
But I needed…confirmation.
I could not reconcile with the fact that fact disappeared and turned into opinion.
You in fact, had turned into a opinion. And sense opinion was human nature's
comprehension, fact no longer had truth…but bliss.
I needed confirmation…
Confirmation…of your kiss
To consummate the passion bellowed below the bottom of mellows kiss…
I just needed to know, cause the attraction between you, and I seemed as if I needed
a "law" in front of it in order for it to be called poise.
Enough for it to be etiquette in its own dimension.
I just needed to know the what if in the story, so that it would not turn into if what
could not turn thoughts possibility.
I just needed to know.
I had to…
Feel, it for myself.
But when I saw… her, I saw couples imperfections.
But the imperfection was in perfect sight of…ego.
But ego couldn't let go of arrow-gance.
I just needed…confirmation.
And I' am asking for everything back in return.
You can keep the memories, over pondered mental tendencies…
Just give me back…my facts.
And yes, you can keep your truth.
Cause even truth has some evidence of unrealistic logics.
And excuse me for being undetermined when it comes to such knowledge.
It's just that I believe that everything has a root and in this scenario I believe that
your final result shouldn't always come out to be logic.
And I'm sorry bout the backlash.
And you said you would never repeat yourself, but you do it all the time.
Different approach, different antonyms for different verbs…
Again I just needed confirmation.
I will take the thought of having facts other than reproaching.
Cause I just can't live with adjusting the fact if…everything else be lost in memories mess…
Due to all of the rearranging, refocusing, and cluster. Then there shall it be.
But we both know where my factual truth lies.
You will just have to dawn with the fact that during any reproaching…
You will never be able to find it.

Written by Anice Enkrein


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