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If you are light, the glow could not reach the capacity of "grow" to let you shine
because that is just what I want to do.
I want to grow with you in a form that is transparent to life's dependency so that we
do not have to be dependant on life's relent tendencies and personal expectancies
directed towards…our
Play not pause, not skip, not rewind and fast forward
But let it run, walk, run play…through
If time could be absent from everything in between that allowed us to form as a
whole, then the only thing that would be left is pressure and limit.
Because time granted us forever but forever came with the adjustment of, a period.
But with you, my king, I want to serve you in abundance. But not in the physical.
And I can not ask for time cause time is only for the mental.
For you I have learned to remove the duration from my mind so that I can love you
in its period to introduce you to the weather changes whether the change is
substantial or unstable.
Run through
Can I clean you off with everything that collected in your core and remove
everything that never reflected when the light shinned on…
When I looked into your eyes but refracted…broken
But still holding on to your words. To the actions of your verbs and the weight of
simple consonants made plenty.
For every star seen from galaxies although some even galaxies away surrounded by
black holes can still not measure up to my love for you cause, stars may twinkle and
be pretty at sight but only the brightest of them shine through…the dark
Twinkle twinkle lil…you are my starship take me up cause ecstasy couldn't even
substitute my high or be replaced by passions passion and make me feel…
I love you
Play play I lov…
If the galaxies were created in time then if took a period for them to form. And it
took the marriage of time to period to contract…forever. But even still forever
My love you will never become captive to limit and pressure

Written by Anice Enkrein


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