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Fruit of the Fathers, Sins of the Sons

A tree bears knowledge and wisdom
Its juice holds milk and honey
Selflessness, tolerance and forgiveness
are needed to harvest.
The tree of life
The tree of God
The fruit draws smiles
Wipes every tear from the eye
Kills pain and mocks suffering
The juice looks bitter
The tree stands ugly
The fruits are thorny

Another stands still
In the middle of our will
Bears knowledge of good and evil
Preaches free will:
Your fate you can shape.
At arm's length stretch and take
Like God's image
Beautiful like sunset
Hopeful like sunrise
Desirable to the eyes
Bitter in disguise
Good for food
Sweet to the nose

When given the choice to choose
Man and woman plucked what the eyes could see
Using freewill to choose freedom and never to be free

When they were asked to choose
Bitterness was never a choice
Beauty can help me grow
Younger seeds stand short and still

We are given to choose
What did they do?
If they plucked one
We cannot pluck none.

I have been given a choice
Bearing the consequences of their choice
I am to pluck wise
Which should I choose?

Written by Patrick K. Antwi


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