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Hundred Percent

I am old
Strength in my body escapes
Grey hair now rules
Urine does not wait in the bladder
Stool and rectum now struggle
They used to inform before escape.
My body shivers in heat
I collect bucket of sweat in cold
Aches visit my home often than ever
I rely on help to look and smell human

For what did I toil?
I climbed the heavens in my youth
I quenched fires to survive
I deserve to eat happiness
I don't deserve an apology from happiness

I treated my parts with sweets
They all betray my kindness
Legs refuse to respect me
Memory refuses to remind me
Hands prevents me to pick food
Tongue does not praise me

I sit in this corridor, waiting
Waiting to begin my next life
Waiting to exit suffering
Waiting to enter emptiness

When you reach your peak
Death follows you

Written by Patrick K. Antwi


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