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"...And So..."

And so....have I told you that
I love you today in one way or another?
You are a down to earth person,
a fun & aiiight brother...
But it seems like you only wanna be
my Tuesday-through-Thursday lover.

Now ... I don't recall when
or how it happened
Just one day I saw the pattern.

When we are together,
hummm I feel sooo good
Then when apart,
I don't feel like I should

All the chances I get,
I tell you, exactly how I feel
I'd love to know what you think,
so lover what's the deal?

And so....we met almost 6 months ago,
Humm that's half a year
I wonder do you have any thoughts
of where we go from here?

I have friends dying to met you,
and they ask me almost everyday
Who is this guy you're crazy about &
why do you keep him away?

I can not answer their questions,
nor do I attempt to.
The answers to the questions they have,
will have to come from you.

And so....privately sometimes
I'm tearful, and other times
I'm confused Cause
I don't know how you feel about
this thing between me & you.

Perhaps I'm way of base and
you don't feel like I do exactly
Then all that
I want from you is simple honesty
I don't want to continue something
that is not good for you & me

I write to express my feelings,
It's my best way to talk to you
I'm just trying to say that
I care for you, And so....lover,
tell me what to do.

Written by AQueensLady


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