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Queens and Kings

Once we were Queens and Kings
Now we're just fiends.
Enslaved to that almighty green
Power and lust eats away at us.
From the inside out slowly it devours us
Like the virus AIDS
It waits and it preys
Knowing just when and where to lay its eggs.
Playing us off one another
Distracting us from the attack on our Holy Mother
At the same time destroying our brothers
Raping our Sisters blinding our children,
Stealing their innocence the whole time claiming repentance
Uninterested in the consequence
Like vultures they ate away at our culture
Leaving us with only the bare bones
Generations of our people left feeling all alone
The powers that be don't want you to
See the truth about idolatry
Got you worshiping a "Holy Trinity"
There is but One and it is
The ALL educate your self before you
Fall through that hole that was once your
Soul lost forever at the crossroads
We tried to warn you before it was too late
Now you can't get Into Heavens Gates
Until such a time when you find that
Divine Love for "self" and ALL mankind!

Written by Aye C.


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