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Time Race

I've got this scripture scripted by my thoughts in the pages of my tranquilized brain
It's a scripture about time
Humanity races
The time that I race
Just like how it happened in the interval where my senses were stuck in trances
So deep
I'm alone in the street running with hand grenades
With more energy than PowerAde
I'm running chasing this time
They say I talk too much
Cuz I fight, verbally
So they try to imprison my reasoning ability
For no reason
They try to gradually change me like seasons
In an instant I stand
Took a moment
How can I prove persistence
I'm only human
A human with darkness that light couldn't penetrate
But I
Am the knowledge that infiltrates the whole globe and produces light
I meditate
The whole squad of critics hesitate
Cus I'm the opponent of time
I run empty handed
Like karate students
They say I'm faking cuz I wasn't born a poet
So I laughed cuz I died in the hearts of great poets
When my spirit broke and resurrected
When there was not space on my coffin to write these poems
I kept coughin'
So basically I am a child reborn by poetry
That's why I let my son rise like uNapo while I produce these rhythms from Lebo's ribbon
My destiny is waiting so I'll wait for no man
That's why some call me time
They call me this time I race
But you see
To me times a non-existing factor
Just a never-ending line
Designed to keep life writing the rage of logic
But mine's out of logic
Cus this is my time I own it
I'm stone-headed headin for disasters
It was time that had me serving masters
And left me empty like the over-evaporated rivers and dams
Dam, it locked my senses and my own brain cells
And through the keys to my heart
Where they got love beaten till they broke
So now I'm stuck in the same position
With seconds cuz I'm second and I min-it like 60 seconds
To you poet's this is hours
Like 60 minutes
So chase it no more
It is our time
This time we chase to relate
Embrace before it fades
Away like gradual death

Written by Mzamo Jiyeza aka…Top-az


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