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The Effects of Poetry

It became oh so real to me.
It just wasn't poetry anymore.
He began to pour out his soul to me
His words grabbed a hold of me, and they just wouldn't let me go
I wished that his words would never end, like the Nile or The Mississippi Rivers
It's strange how his words broke me down.
It was amazing the love he spoke to me.
I know his love may not be perfect,
It was oh, so real to me.
While he was spitting from line to line, I developed a faith in him
And a new faith in love.
He made a true believer out of me.
He made me believe that life is worth living.
And now I'm glad that he opened his heart, and soul to me.
Before he spoke I didn't believe a true and genuine love existed.
And now he's gone.
And I'm back to reality.
The next time I'll see him is when I tune into DEF Poetry.

Written by Angela B. Beasley


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