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I want to know you
Everything about you
I want to go beyond myself and learn you
In and out
Do crazy, spontaneous ass shit for you
Something like a best friend
Someone you can lean on, and confide in
The one who understands you no matter what's going on
That's all I want to do
I want to be your side kick
Make you feel like you bleed greatness
Do what I was created to do
I want to know the things that make you laugh
So I can bring pleasure and delight into your life
Or the things that make you tick
So I can avoid bringing rage into your atmosphere, your stratosphere, baby into your world
I want to know your fears and weakness because I want to build you up and make you stronger
And you should know I would NEVER USE NEGATIVITY AGAINST YOU
I want to be considered that positive vibe in your life that brings ecstasy and wealth to you
Help you live out all your dreams
I want to make you feel like you're the greatest thing that ever walked the earths surface
Because baby you're worth it
I want to be the one you want to talk to
The one who you can pour your soul and all your deepest intimate thoughts and secrets into
Hey... I have an Idea
We can play Sex and the City I'll get dressed up and look all pretty
You can be Mr. Big and I'll be Carrie
And I'll do anything that makes you happy
Show you the respect you honestly deserve
Make you feel like a man should feel
You know be there for you whenever you need me
Like a 24 hour ATM machine
Baby you can withdrawal from me, and I'll even give you a receipt
And you better hold on to it, because I know you'll be back for more encouragement
I want to be the artist and make you into this beautiful masterpiece
Build you up to the person you're destined to be
I'll be your hype man, something like a number one fan
I just want to carry your burdens during hard times and make life easier for you
I'll ask GOD to give me the strength to carry you on my shoulders when you're weak
And when you feel that you've messed up, I want to be one who dusts ya shoulders off and get you back on ya feet
I want the goodness of my heart make you into the great man you're meant to be
I want to know what makes you smile so I can grant happiness within your soul
Forget about all these other fools
All my heart desires to do is to be there only for you.

Written by Angela B. Beasley


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