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The thoughts I have are just as dangerous as the real actions
Lord give me the strength to fight these temptations
Im trying to live by what you said…
You know, keep this thing PURE and HOLY
But man… Have you heard of the temptations???
No, no, no not the group of men,
Men in period!!!

I mean I want it, but know for damn sure don't need it
I'll be like a crack addict, I'll be fiening
For that loving, that rubbing, that kissing and touching that I really really don't need!!!
Or wait…
Do I???
I mean, I need to start ducking and weaving
And stop trying to percieve this shit, before I get to deep in it...
Or at least he does

And I hope he tries to keep his sexual healing to himself
Go give it to someone else because I don't want it or need it…
Okay Im back at 1st , and Im severely contradicting ever single one of my words

These damn hormones are ragin like a true Cajun
And you'd think I would be done with this shit ever since I turned 15 and left the stage of puberty

But it seems as our conversations get longer, this damn urge gets oh so stronger
Man…. TEMPTATION is a bitch…
And its trying to make me its hoe
But I havent given into it!!!
Im like the Spartans… only got 300 hundred soldiers against 1 million
Im like Star Wars, don't want to switch sides like ANIKIN
And like Jesus, just trying to fight temptation!!!
Disreagarding how strong I thought I was
And what everybody says
There are power in words!!!
Especially yours…

Poor baby, you try to fight temptation by my side, by watching what you say and do around me
But I cant help to make it sexual
My brain thinks like a boy, I think with my hormones
But I mean I really cant help it
I mean
Look At You...
Your lips…. As they move and groove to my imaginary melotic tune…
I just keep lookin at your lips, imaging how warm and soft they are against mines
And your touch, ohhhhh nigga your touch
Keep that to yourself
Because Im legit to quit this virgin shit and liable to hurt you or slip up and put a hurting on you!!!
Look im slipping again

Written by Angela B. Beasley


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