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Things you did that made me tingle inside…
As you slid your big masculine arm around my waist,
My heart skipped a beat and lost its rhythm
And when it began to beat
It bum bummed at an unknown pace
Nigga, are you trying to kill me???
Feeling you're fingers, all up in myspace
On my waist
Just a taste of what this intimacy thing is

As we sit here
Stares turned into long passionate gazes
You began to run those piano fingers up and down
Up and down
My arm , in such a sensual way
That I have to have an emergency conversation composing of myself and the dear Lord
I say, "Lord please deliver me from this temptation!" Because my blood cells are racing
Trying to beat each other to spots that are forbidden
And my heart would will be acking if I lose this battle
So now im reserved and back to the mindset to preserve this coochie for my husband
And im restin my damn nerves
But yet, you still touchin me
And at a wink of an eye
You start bitting me
OH MY GOD, you don't know what that does to me
That bite sent me on a voyage
Past this milky way
To a galaxy called MX12-211
Also known as my memories
But anyways…
As we cruised to your control
And we listened to the Gym Class Heroes
I went off into my world of fantasy
Fantasizing how our lives would be
And what would happen if I would give up the nookie
Something i've been fighting for
The scarlet "V"
As all that is going through my mind
My body screams:
Beat.... it.... up!!!
And I drift off in this sexual daydream
I wanted him to do some crazy ass shit
The type that would have my ass limpin
I wanted to feel my body shake
Nigga give me a severe stomach ache
Hell I want to feel it in my brain
Makes me want to fornicate
My goodness what was he doing to me....
But I continued to drift
I wanted him to make my pussy ache!!!
Heres my application
I'm available for all positions at all hours
I want to feel what my bodies been missing
Yes its just these hormones talking again
I was born and raised uptown, but I don't mind going down...
And I planned on saving that line for the wedding night
But he sent signals and messages up and down my spine
I'll make his ass leak a river
Then we'll reciprocate
Boy flip me on my stomach
Baby put me on my back
He can serve me from the front
And for damn sure hit it from the back
Oh my goodness, where did the good girl go in me
See what that bite did???
So we finally make it back to my place
And we talk some more
And I begin to caress your face
I make up reasons to kiss it to
Like oh, I found a minor boo boo
On your cheek,
And then the another on the other
On your nose
Oh my gosh whats that on your lip
Don't worry I kissed it off
And then you stop me
You know my goal is to hold down
The "V"
Until Im married
But why do this when you tempted me
You got me all weak
But Im glad he respected me
Because if it was left up to me
He woulda been hitting it however daddy wanted it
Licking, touching, kissing, rubbing, fuckin' lovin every moment….
So the moral of this poem is
Don't bite me if you want me to remain decent
And you don't want to see my inner freak

Written by Angela B. Beasley


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